I follow Christ. Having said that... I fail constantly... I don't brag on the fact that I fall but instead on the fact that He picks me up time and time again. What an Awesome God I serve!
Moreover: you want to know me? Look at my blog... the things I post say a lot about me. I am crazy, random, wild, studious, nerdy,goofy,sexy, and fun! Wow if that wasn't narcissistic I don't know what is... but this is me. I get obsessed with shows and musicians... people and places. My mood varies about 100 times a day... yeah it's rough. I like to laugh, I enjoy crying (by myself) I am strong,but have a fragile heart. I hurt people, sometimes consciously and other times unconsciously. I've been hurt. I am a consistent and true friend. I trust way too much... and I hate giving up. I love fast and hard.
I seldom dream but I always have hope
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It’s funny, the stereotypes we given. Lazy, as if we ain’t build an entire country on our backs. Thieves, as if we wasn’t stolen from our home. Hateful, as if we was the ones that murder for dark skin. Selfish, as if we took over another people’s country and claimed they land as our own. Funny, how them stereotypes so perfectly describe the ones who done doomed us all. By My grandmother, talking to my brother who was recently called, “nothing but a black thug” for daring to wear a hoodie in the rain. (via asiaraymonet)