I follow Christ. Having said that... I fail constantly... I don't brag on the fact that I fall but instead on the fact that He picks me up time and time again. What an Awesome God I serve!
Moreover: you want to know me? Look at my blog... the things I post say a lot about me. I am crazy, random, wild, studious, nerdy,goofy,sexy, and fun! Wow if that wasn't narcissistic I don't know what is... but this is me. I get obsessed with shows and musicians... people and places. My mood varies about 100 times a day... yeah it's rough. I like to laugh, I enjoy crying (by myself) I am strong,but have a fragile heart. I hurt people, sometimes consciously and other times unconsciously. I've been hurt. I am a consistent and true friend. I trust way too much... and I hate giving up. I love fast and hard.
I seldom dream but I always have hope
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